Blood Transfusion Formulas
    1- How to calculate the interval between blood transfusions
    Number of days before the next transfusion = (Post transfusional
    Hb - Target pretransfusional Hb) ÷ post transfusional Hb x 100
    The target pre transfusional Hb varies from 90 to 100 g/l
    2- How to calculate the blood volume needed to raise the
    hemoglobin to a specific level
    The volume of packed RBC in ml = (The target Hb - The observed
    Hb) x Patient's weight in Kg x local factor (3 or 4 usually)
    The Local factor can be calculated from the following equation:
    3/Hct of the PRBC
    Example 3/0.6=5, note that most Packed Red Blood Cell products have a
    hematocrit of 0.4 to 0.8
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