Kawasaki Disease
My Heart
    My Heart

    M= Mucosal involvement like dry chapped lips and strawberry tongue
    H= Hands and feet with edema and desquamation (late in the disease)
    E= Eyes non purulent bilateral conjunctivitis
    A= Adenopathy often cervical unilateral > 1.5 cm lymph nodes enlargement
    R= Rash usually truncal and pleomorphic
    T= Temperature non remitting fever for at least five days

    and the whole statement "My Heart" refers to the coronary artery aneurysm seen
    in children

    The presence of fever + four of the other five criteria constitutes typical Kawasaki
    Starc TJ, Hardof AJ, Hayes CJ, Clark BJ . Cardiology. In: Polin RA, Ditmar MF.
    editors. Pediatric Secrets. 3rd edition. Philadelphia: Hanley & Belfus; 2001. p. 88.
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