Preparing for MRCPCH Part 1 Written a & b
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    For many paediatricians around the world the major reference is Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics (17th edition),
    but i would like to suggest here another alternatives for the purpose of MRCPCH. These  are:
    1- Essential Revision Notes in
    Paediatrics for the MRCPCH by
    Mark Beattie & Mike Champion

    2- Paediatric Exams A survival
    Guide 2nd edition by Paul Gaon
    The reason why we chose these books is simply because these books are much thinner than the overwhelming
    Nelson! More over they contain more than 85% of the information needed for the MRCPCH -1
    Another book, which you have to memorize by heart in preparation for part 1 is the
    Basic Medical Sciences for MRCP Part 1 (3rd edition) Philippa J. Easterbrook
    This book enclose the essential basic sciences (that we all forgot!) all in one place.
    No one should think of sitting part 1 before reading this book.
    The Approach should be first reading MCQS and when you find any topic,
    which you don’t know about it, you go back to the above textbooks.
    This will save time reading things that you already know
    and will also modify your style in a way so that you will be reading exam minded.
    DO NOT attempt the reverse
    because trying to master textbooks is exhaustive and may disappoint you
    1- MRCPCH part 1 Paediatric MCQS with Individual Subject Summaries 3rd edition Mark
    The beautiful thing about this book is that it presents the approach we just talked about here
    That is reading MCQs and reviewing the related knowledge.
    2- Essential MCQS in Paediatrics for the MRCPCH 1: volume 1  and 2 by Mark Beattie
    Mark Beatie is a talented exam predictor, always look for his books.
    I did not include the picture for volume 2.
    No doubts, there are many more MCQ books and the more
    you read the better you'll be prepared
    But in the case of a busy paediatrician these three books may be enough
    You may also check MCQs posted on this website!
Good Luck