The written part 2 exam is a real test of paediatric knowledge
    Therefore the preparation should be thorough as in the case of part 1 exam your primary target should be
    question books backed up by revision notes from the textbooks

    The most useful "textbooks" are
    1- Essential Revision Notes in
    Paediatrics for the MRCPCH by
    Mark Beattie & Mike Champion

    2- Paediatric Exams A survival
    Guide 2nd edition by Paul Gaon
    If you have seen "MRCPCH part 1 page" you will notice that these 2 books are repeated
    this is good news!
    These two books we regard as MRCPCH standard
    Whether it is part 1 or 2

    Now let's have a look at the useful books for each portion of the exam
Preparing for MRCPCH Part 2 Written Exam
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Photographic Material
    1-100 paediatric pictures tests by A. P. Winrow
    This book although quite old but it is still seen in the hands of candidates before entering the
    exam hall, excellent pictures and a fun to read
    2- Short cases in paediatrics by Alan Cade
    Although this book is basically written for the "old" short cases
    But it contains many pictures that may well be there in the exam.
    3- Get Through MRCPCH Part 2: 125 Questions on Clinical Photographs (Get Through Series)
    by N.G. Barakat
    More than 100 clinical picture tests with explanatory answers
    Most junior paediatricians preparing for the MRCPCH lack experience
    with paediatric radiology...
    Therefore it is essential to enrich our radiological visual memory
    We mention here two books but perhaps one of them is enough
    1- Imaging picture tests for the MRCPCH by A. P. Winrow
    Just another exam standard
    2- Paediatric Radiology for MRCPCH/FRCR  by Christopher Schelvan
    This book is written for exam purposes with a Q and A format
    Having finished this book you feel yourself turned into a real paediatrician!
    It is not uncommon to have an ECG strip presented as a picture test
    We would suggest practicing real ECGs before this exam but also
    1- Pediatric ECG Interpretation by B. J. Deal
    Thoroughly illustrated and a wonderful book
    2- ECG Made Easy by Atul Luthra
    With a photo CD if you like reading on a computer
Data Interpretation
    We don't believe that there is anyone who can pass the written part 2 without practicing data interpretation
    here are few useful book
    1- 100 Data Interpretation Questions in
    Paediatrics for MRCPCH By Nagi Barakat
    Very useful, start with this book and then build
    on it form the next two books
    2-Data interpretation for Paediatric Examinations
    Christopher O’Callaghan
    3-- Data Interpretation Questions in Paediatrics by
    Fiona Finlay
Case Histories
    One piece of advice here is that you should leave reading for the case histories to the last because case
    histories entails a thorough interlinked knowledge of all fields of paediatrics
    1- 100 Grey Cases in Paediatrics for the MRCPCH  by Nagi Barakat
    This is one of the mandatory books before sitting part 2 written exam.
    A complete 100 exam type cases.
    2- Paediatric Grey Cases for the MRCPCH (MRCPCH Study Guides)  by Alan C. Fenton
    Once again the indispensable Pass series.
    One caveat here is that this book is much more difficult than what's there in the real exam.
    There are other case history books like * Paediatric Cases for Postgraduate Examinations by Simon Attard-
    Montalto or * Case Presentations in Paediatrics by Vanda Joss
    But we recommend the above two only as they are more than enough to pass
Practice Exams
    Finally as a form of rehearsal you may want to consolidate and review
    your knowledge with one of the following
    1- Revision Questions in Paediatrics  by P. Cartlidge
    Mr. Patrick Cartlidge is an MRCPCH examiner and an editor of "Current Paediatrics" a journal
    read by most examiners!
    2- MRCPCH Part 2 Practice Exams by
    Giles Kendall
    3- 250 Questions for the MRCPCH Part 2 by James L. Robertson
Good Luck