About The Pediatric Website
The Pediatric Website is about sharing pediatric ideas in the form of pediatric picture tests,
pediatric links, mnemonics, formulas, child development videos and others.
The Pediatric website was launched in May 2007 with a number of contributions from
Authors and the objectives were to create a web portal for pediatricians from around the
world where they can share their innovations and ideas and interesting cases and formulas
that they may have and would like to publish them on the world wide web.
The Pediatric Website is open to any pediatrician who would like to contribute to the
contents or even to modify what is already published.
Currently The Pediatric Website is just at it's initial stages and we hope that materials and
ideas keep growing in the near future through the help of peds.
We also would like to invite you to visit our sister website
Pda4peds where you can find a
wealth of information about the use of pediatric PDA / Handheld applications and programs
in clinical practice.
Do not hesitate to
Contribute or to send us Feed Back in any format and about any area of
The Pediatric Website.

Enjoy The Pediatric Website