Guidelines for Contribution
    We are excited that you decided to write to us, this website is all about contributions from pediatricians every where.
    The Pediatric Website is designed to be a free access and open source to any pediatrician who'd like to contribute and share the information;
    we just encourage writing about any topic that can be presented in The Pediatric Website and in any format.
    Should you feel that the contribution form is cumbersome and difficult to fill then just email us the contents of your submission.
    Your contribution will be reviewed and if found relevant will be posted within few days in the website.
    Apart from tips for the MRCPCH preparation and sharing useful pediatric links all other submission need to be checked for the     
    Authorship agreement.
    It is a must to include the references if they are used in writing your contribution. Please follow The Vancouver Style in citing references.
    Pediatric Picture Tests:
  • These are pediatric relevant pictures that may face the hospital or the community pediatrician whether it is an X ray, an MRI picture, an
    EKG, or a child picture ...etc , It should be accompanied by a short case history which may give a hint to the answer.
  • The answer should be as short as possible with most important clinical points upon which the diagnosis was made and might be accompanied
    by other picture(s) if required.
  • If the text explanation is extracted from a reference then please send us those references.
  • If the child is identifiable from the picture then a consent form is needed which should mention the parent's approval for online submission
    (signed, scanned, then emailed to us).
    MRCPCH Preparation:
  • These are tips and tricks to pass the exam.
  • If you are a candidate who succeeded in the exam or in the process of preparing then please help us enrich the ideas posted in the    
    MRCPCH  preparation pages.
  • If you want to write MCQs in the True / False format which helpful in the preparation of Part 1 then please do and we will post it our free
    MCQs page.
  • If you disagree with what's written in the MRCPCH preparation page or if you have other books to recommend then please tell us.
    Pediatric Formulas & Mnemonics:
  • These are useful equations and mnemonic reminders of commonly forgettable clinical pediatric issues.
  • If you just found a useful formula or mnemonic then you have to tag the submission with the reference(s) and you may not need to agree to
    the authorship agreement.
    Child Development Videos:
  • These are short video clips that describe a developmental milestone.
  • If you would like to contribute with a video then you can contact us for further information about file formats and how to send us the file.
  • Video clips should be consented by the parent or guardian and authorship agreement should be ticked when using the contribution form.
    Pediatric Links:
  • These are useful links to pediatric websites throughout the world wide web.
  • When you have one which is not mentioned in the Pediatric Links page then please tell us about it so that we can add it to the library.
  • No need to use the contribution form in telling us about a pediatric link just an email is enough.